Pharmacogenetic Tests in Psychiatry- Are we there yet?

There is quite a buzz in the medical community about "Personalized Medicine" that promises the sorting of effective treatments based on a person's specific genetic makeup. It is now well known that certain genes and their variants can dictate how a particular drug is metabolized by one's body as well as whether they can affect how a drug works. Some of this knowledge is being applied effectively in selecting cancer treatments. But how about its use in Psychiatry? Unfortunately, at present, the evidence between clinical outcomes and the use of genetic testing for psychiatric medications lacks, despite promotions by the commercial makers of these testing kits.

Here is an excellent article by Dr. Charles Nemeroff discussing his viewpoint on this issue (Pharmacogenomic Tests in Psychiatry: Not Ready for Prime Time).

So, please don't be blindsided by the misinformation, discuss the pros and cons of this testing with your physician, and stay on the proven path.