How to be resilient: When life gets hard

Setbacks- personal and professional, disappointments, failures are as much part of a “normal” life as achievements, happiness, and success. But it seems to so natural for us to react to adverse events more strongly compared to once that make us feel good. Perhaps it's our survival instinct continually monitoring for the negativity in our environment, or maybe it's the inherent transientness of our brain’s ability to feel pleasure. Here is an article (original article link) that discusses how best to cope with difficult times. Thanks, Eric Barker.

So when life is daunting, and we need resilience, keep in mind:

1. Perceive And Believe

2. Manage Your Emotions

3. Be A Quitter

4. Be Delusional

5. Prepare… Even If It’s Too Late For Preparation

6. Stay Busy, Busy, Busy

7. Make It A Game

8. Get Help And Give Help