What's in your Pot?

There is a lot of buzz around the benefits and risks of using Cannabis (commonly known as Marijuana or Pot) for medical treatment. Several states have passed laws allowing the use of Medical Marijuana for a specified list of debilitating illnesses (http://www.dph.illinois.gov/topics-services/prevention-wellness/medical-cannabis/debilitating-conditions). This can be a double-edged sword in my opinion, since it can promote the legitimate use of marijuana products for much-needed relief (or at least hope of it) from ailments that have not responded to traditional treatments. But it can mislead patients into equating legalization of marijuana to approval by the FDA, which indeed is not the case at the current time. It also raises the concern that patients might forgo FDA-approved proven traditional treatments in favor of these treatments. Fortunately, there is enough research being conducted to help the medical community understand the consequences of using cannabis products. Some good news points towards beneficial effects of CBD oil (just one of the 100 cannabinoids present in Marijuana) for social anxiety and psychosis while there is strong evidence that THC (another cannabinoid) is just bad news (unless you want to get "high" and psychotic). Please read this: U.S. Surgeon General’s Advisory: Marijuana Use and the Developing Brain

Besides, even CBD oil can lead to changes in the metabolism of other drugs.

Unfortunately, due to lack of manufacturing controls of over-the-counter CBD oil products, there is no guarantee that you are buying authentic stuff. The FDA keeps a running tally of unacceptable products at www.fda.gov/NewsEvents/PublicHealthFocus/ucm484109.htm.

According to Consumer Labs, the best-priced oils are available at elixinol.com and bluebirdbotanicals.com.

So here's the advice from TOCDOC:

1) Do your research into non-traditional treatments. Don't believe the hype.

2) Do not forgo traditional FDA-approved therapy in favor of non-traditional treatments.

3) Research the manufacturer of your supplements and choose carefully. Trust thy FDA. I do.

5) Beware of the effects of these supplements on your medications.